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Hyundai Indias gesture towards flood affected customers
Hyundai Indias gesture towards flood affected customers
In an effort to provide relief to Hyundai customers affected by the unpredicted rain and flood in Mumbai and its suburbs, Hyundai Motor India has decided to support all repair work of affected Hyundai vehicles by extending 50% discount on spare parts and labour charges, and offering several free services.

A press release from Hyundai said that customers who seek direct repair of their vehicles (without claiming insurance) would be offered 50% discount on the MRP of spare parts and labour charges. Even customers who claim insurance would be able to avail 50% discount on charges that are not covered by insurance, it added. Hyundai will provide a host of other services, such as anti-rust treatment, shampoo and dry cleaning of the interiors and replacement of soiled flood carpeting of affected Hyundai vehicles free of cost.

A team of service experts from HMI headquarters flew in to Mumbai as soon as flights resumed last week for an on-the-spot assessment of the situation. In the wake of the grim situation that was observed, as part of the companys social responsibility to the city in its hour of need, several other measures were also taken.

To reduce customer inconvenience, Hyundai has arrived at an arrangement with insurance companies to allow its dealers to speed up insurance claims. Announcing the measures, Hyundai Motor India President, BVR Subbu, said: This is an unprecedented calamity for the people of Mumbai. We are extending a helping hand in our own small way in this hour of crisis. We hope these measures will provide some aid to our customers who have been through quite an ordeal in the past week."
Posted On : 8/22/2005 3:57:51 PM

Hyundai Indias gesture towards flood affected customers