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Saurer acquires Hogra Holding
Saurer acquires Hogra Holding
By acquiring Graf Group, Saurer continues in its strategy of strengthening its spare parts and service business. Saurers Total Solution offer is thus extended to include solutions for carding and combing machines.

Saurer signed a purchase contract to acquire 100% of the share capital of Hogra Holding AG, the parent company of Graf Group. The acquisition is expected to be completed in fall 2005. Hogra Holding AG, domiciled in Freienbach/Switzerland, is wholly owned by Ralph A Graf, the companys CEO. No disclosures are being made on the purchase price.

About 30% of the companys sales are made with OEMs (textile machine manufacturers) and about 70% directly with spinning mills. As well as the pure service business (mounting/grinding the clothings), replacement clothings and service machines are delivered to the spinning mills.
Posted On : 9/6/2005 4:54:09 PM

Saurer acquires Hogra Holding