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Asselin delivers 1000th crosslapper
Asselin delivers 1000th crosslapper
During the Frankfurt Techtextil event recently, on the NSC Group stand, Asselin celebrated the purchase of the 1000th crosslapper by the File Menges Group (Slovenia).

The crosslapper will be located at the heart of a new needle-punching line manufacturing technical products that will be operational from early 2006. The sale of this 1000h crosslapper was an opportunity to review the string of innovations achieved by Asselin in this domain over almost 50 years.

It was in 1956 that Mr Pierre Asselin decided to build a new type of machine used to fold the webs on a card. This machine operated under industrial conditions at 20 m/min and the concept of textile evenness was foreign to all technical teams. So, Asselin teams have been working for almost half a century or optimizing crosslapper technique. Their work was manifested by major technical advances.
Posted On : 9/6/2005 4:55:32 PM

Asselin delivers 1000th crosslapper