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Auto bang drives industrial yarn market
Auto bang drives industrial yarn market
The market of high-tenacity yarns essentially comprises polyester, polyamide, polypropylene and viscose yarns, predominantly used in the automotive industry as reinforcing or composite materials.

The world production of passenger and commercial vehicles, including light trucks, has gone up by 5.1% to about 62.9 million units. A positive development in the automotive industry always calls for enhanced industrial yarn consumption. This entire segment is believed to have increased by 5.9% to 2.3 million tonnes. In 2004, we have seen polyamide and polyester yarns rising by more than 6% each, while polypropylene and viscose just managed to increase by about 4%.

A long-term view on the automotive segment makes clear, that future demand will rise even further. The global assembly of light vehicles is expected to surpass 70 million units in 2012, representing growth of 17% over 2004.

Fuelled by the dynamic expansion in the automotive industry, we have seen super proportional investments in the industrial yarn spinning industry. They are reminiscent of the textile business two years ago, leading to excess capacity that will not be absorbed by domestic consumption.
Posted On : 9/9/2005 12:24:23 PM

Auto bang drives industrial yarn market