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Home > Trade News > Ranbaxy sets $1.5bn war chest
Ranbaxy sets $1.5bn war chest
Ranbaxy sets $1.5bn war chest
Indias top Pharma Company, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, is in a progress stage of discussion to attain the New Jersey-based generic drug maker Alpharma Inc with operations in Baltimore and other places in the US. Like Israels Teva, which recently acquired Ivax, Ranbaxy and other Indian generics manufactures are keen to make big-ticket acquisitions abroad.

The Alpharma deal size is expected to be in the $1-1.5billion range. Since 2001, Alpharma has competed with the US Food and Drug Administrations charges that the Baltimore facility violated federal manufacturing standards. Although it has fixed a part of the problem, it will be completed by 2006.
Posted On : 9/10/2005 2:02:51 PM

Ranbaxy sets $1.5bn war chest