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Oil Product rises up 13%
Oil Product rises up 13%
The Countrys domestic sales of oil products rose 13 per cent in August, the biggest rise in 15 months, as a low base and higher inventories helped reverse a contraction in July. August sales amounted to 8.81 million tonnes, rising from 8.47 million in July, in line with analysts expectations.

Diesel sales rose 23.6 percent to 3.17 million tonnes, while petrol sales rose 20 per cent to 755,700 tonnes. LPG sales rose 5.7 per cent, while Jet fuel sales rose 17 per cent, as airlines launched more flights and offered discounts to attract customers.

Naptha sales fell 9 per cent to 894,000 tonnes in August whereas LNG sales almost doubled to 159,000 tonnes, while sales of compressed natural gas, which has replaced diesel in many buses and taxis in Mumbai and Delhi, rose 24 per cent to 18,300 tonnes last year. The overall growth comes to 14 per cent including LNG and CNG sales.
Posted On : 9/14/2005 4:32:48 PM

Oil Product rises up 13%