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Cold-tolerant tomato gene
Cold-tolerant tomato gene
Dr William Selvamurthy, through Field Research Laboratory (FRL) at Leh, has done yeoman service to Ladakh region by greening Leh and around through agro-forestry research. The FRL has developed hybrid variety of different vegetables that can grow at high altitude and transferred cultivation procedures to the local farmers who in turn have successfully cultivated vegetables in sub-zero temperature conditions in the cold desert of Ladakh region. Now 48 per cent of vegetable requirements of troops in the Ladakh region is met by vegetables grown by local farmers, supplied through Farmers Co-operative Society.

Recently, the Defence Agriculture Research Laboratory (DARL), Pithoragarh, has developed transgenic tomato, which is at T3 stage of development by incorporating the Osmotin gene and cold-tolerant gene.
Posted On : 7/3/2006 12:14:45 PM

Cold-tolerant tomato gene