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US co CookTek eyes Indian market
US co CookTek eyes Indian market
CookTek Induction Cooking Systems, a Chicago-based kitchen equipment provider, will look to enter the Indian market in the near future through its regional partner S.A.R.B. International. The company specialises in induction technology, which uses electromagnetic energy to heat cooker-ware made of magnetic material.

A provider of high-end kitchen-related products such as cooktops, griddles and heated delivery products, the $20-million company has presence in the US, Europe, Australia and Africa. The advantages of this include greater efficiency - 90 per cent of the energy goes right into the pan, as opposed to gas, which delivers 55 per cent and electric cooking, which delivers 65 per cent - and less heat given out, which allows for a more comfortable cooking environment.

Apart from this, the company has one or two value adds on its products that are not on offer in the Indian kitchenware industry, - one of its cooktop products has an RFID tag that regulates the temperature of the pan on it. This system is much more stable than the normal open flame system that is used in buffets in hotels, for example. The food lasts longer on the CookTek product because of the minimal fluctuation in heat. Another product that has an international patent is the pizza thermal delivery system that uses induction to keep the pizza hot over the period of time it takes to deliver it.

The companys manufacturing centres and research and development facilities are all in Chicago, but would be looking at China and India in the near future, the former for manufacturing and the latter for research and development.
Posted On : 7/5/2006 2:20:09 PM

US co CookTek eyes Indian market