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Parragon Publishing plans co-branded initiative
Parragon Publishing plans co-branded initiative
International publishing major Parragon Publishing is planning to approach modern trade retailers with a new concept whereby it would publish books to suit their customer profiles. The co-branded initiative would have the retailers name on the books, which would be published on their behalf - a model which has already been emulated by retailers such as Marks & Spencer and Tesco in the UK market.

As retailing grows, The company intend publishing under the retailers brand and making products to suit its target audience and creating price points suited to them. Apart from resorting to the regular trade to distribute its books, the publishing company is planning to set up dedicated counters within the mass-market retail chains. It is also looking at an alternative retail model to vend its books in branded spaces within retail stores.

Apart from books, there would also items within its `booksplus categories and these would include face painting kits and craft packs. Considering the margins and return on investment (RoI) are higher in this model, Parragon is considering striking deals with retailers to try out its new business model.

Besides, the publishing company is also looking forward to creating content to suit Indian audiences. This includes subjects based on Indian culture, cookery, arts and architecture. Even Indian editors will get roped in to add to the publishing list of the company. With plans of releasing 250 titles for the Indian market, Parragon Publishing India (a 50:50 joint venture company between the UK-based Parragon Publishing and Mr Vineet Sharma), expects to emerge as a publishing hub for the region in the future.
Posted On : 7/5/2006 2:32:59 PM

Parragon Publishing plans co-branded initiative