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Honeywell launches security products
Honeywell launches security products
Honeywell Security has launched its new range of security products, specifically designed for industrial facilities such as chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, liquid and natural gas distributors, power, steel, cement, glass, pulp and paper mills, mining operations and pharmaceutical plants. The launch was supported by a series of events in four cities, viz, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi. The events showcased Honeywells innovative, special application camera, VideoBlox Matrix Switching System and Vindicator V5 Network Security Appliance, an ultra high-security platform, used in many government and military applications because of its redundant, highly secure architecture.

With high durability features and power saving options, Honeywell RO-NE Vision furnace monitoring system is compact and easy to install. The system ensures trouble-free operations in furnaces of temperatures over 1800C and is used in mission-critical functions involving constantly monitored cement kilns, glass melt tanks, power generators and steel reheat furnaces which are prime functions in industries such as cement, glass, power and steel, etc. Honeywell RON-NE Vision heat- proof camera is a next generation camera. Its electronic cooling function enables operations at temperatures up to 80C without compressor air or cooling water, unlike other electronic video surveillance cameras, which need cooling mechanisms to prevent damage.

Honeywell ITV range of dust proof camera is specially designed to achieve process area surveillance in dusty and corrosive places, in cement and chemical Industries, without any damage to the camera. Honeywell ITV range LNG tank camera is another unique camera system and the first of its kind for monitoring nitrogen conversion processes, under low temperature conditions inside LNG tanks.
Posted On : 8/21/2006 12:18:06 PM

Honeywell launches security products