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Archies Entered Apparel Space With Ginger Lemon
Archies Entered Apparel Space With Ginger Lemon
The leading company in the Indian gifts and greeting cards industry, Archies has announced that it has recently entered into the apparel business in India and it is offering its own tee shirts, under the brand name of Ginger Lemon. The sources from the company have stated that the main objective of the company behind entering the apparel business is to widen its portfolio, further and the company is hoping to get a very good response from the young Indian consumers, for its newly launched tee shirts brand Ginger Lemon, too.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Archies Limited, Mr. Anil Moolchandani was talking about the companys latest venture into the apparel business and said, "The inspiration was to replicate the humour from our greeting cards into tee shirts and offer a product to suit individual buying and not as a gift proposition only". He said that the main target of the company with the tee shirts is the youth, and these tee shirts are going to be priced at a comfortable range. He said that the company is launching 40 designs for the tee shirts in the initial period and it is planning to introduce new designs each month that would replace the older ones.

Informing that the consumers can easily get the tee shirts from any of the Archies stores and other multi-brand apparel stores in India, and the company is currently sourcing the shirts from the textile town of Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. Mr. Moolchandani added that the company is hoping the tee shirts to contribute about 10 per cent of the total turnover of Archies by the financial year of 2010-11. He informed that the company is holding more than 60 per cent share of the greeting cards market in India, at the moment and its cards business is accounting for 33 per cent of its overall turnover. He further said that the rest of the companys turnover comes from the sale of gifts. Mr. Moolchandani also informed that the company is planning to enter the luxury product segment for infants within this year, as well.

Posted On : 6/21/2008 10:35:38 AM

Archies Entered Apparel Space With Ginger Lemon