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MAdstream launched by Adstream
MAdstream launched by Adstream
Adstream has launched MAdstream, a company that manages the strategy and architect of providing technology for effective collaboration of digital asset management and workflow for the print, publishing, television and broadcast media space, and associated technologies.

Adstream have team of 30 employees for retrieving the specs of publishers worldwide online which is used to validate and are planning to soon start a research and development team. "We are aiming at revolutionizing the print industry in India by providing the finest technology for creation, validation, distribution and reception of artworks that saves time and money for both advertisers and publishers," said Adstreams business development manager, soma shekar KR.

Currently O&M (Lenovo hub, Bangalore) himatsingka wovens (Banglore) and global media network (Delhi) are their existing clients in India. Adstream products include tools for verifying, storing and distributing TV, radio and print advertising to thousand of destinations worldwide, as well as collaboration and workflow tools addressing the entire campaign lifecycle.

Posted On : 8/28/2008 2:21:09 PM

MAdstream launched by Adstream