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Vyoma graphics, new printing unit into action
Vyoma graphics, new printing unit into action
In Hinjawadi, on the outskirts of Pune, Voyma graphic has put its 10,000 sq.ft printing unit into full production. Integrating pr-press, press & post press. This unit is powered by a Heidelberg PM &$ with auto plate facilities and a screen plate setter along with intelligent investment in finishing.

This new plant, built by Tata Bluescope steel, is prefabricated with nut and bolts and can be dismantled and relocated with ease. Nitin Shah, CEO of Vyoma Graphics says: "I was keen to have a single-tier, pillarless unit that provides a total perspective of the production floor. I wanted a straight line of working. This ensures easy movement of material and reduces human handling of printed jobs. This facility reflects our commitment to achieving the highest possible printing standards."

There are 25 windows that are strategically located to enhance cross- ventilation. The press flooring has an epoxy coating, which renders it dust proof. The writing is concealed into electrical gutters. Most of the ancillary electrical components are hidden. Landscaping ensures a clean- green environment and a spot for its team of 50 workers to unwind during their breaks.

Posted On : 8/28/2008 2:58:43 PM

Vyoma graphics, new printing unit into action