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VLCC offers complete foot care range
VLCC offers complete foot care range
VLCC has introduced a complete range of foot care products Pediglow Foot Kit under the VLCC personal care.

The formulation in each product is inspired by nature and is made with active herbs, exfoliating fruit extracts and plant derived oils which help in smoothening tough and stressed out feet.

The Pediglow Foot Kit includes products that one needs to keep the feet healthy. The range in the kit includes a scrub, a cleanser, a foot cream and a foot spray which ensures a lasting effect. Foot Scrub is made with Walnut and Seaweed Extract which helps exfoliating dead foot tissues and stimulates blood circulation revealing vibrant, healthy beautiful feet.

Foot Cleanser is made of Soapnut & Costus Extract which rejuvenates sore and tired feet. Soapnut & Costus extract helps removing pollutants from the pores which soften thick tissue. Soapnut & Costus also helps fight foot infections and harmful germs.

Foot Cream is supplemented with cocoa butter and neem extract which revives, nourishes and softens the feet. Its moisturising properties soothe the feet and its antibacterial property makes them germ-free.

Foot Spray is enriched with Lemongrass & Patchouli Oil, which helps the feet to have an odourless freshness even during humid monsoons and dry summers. The VLCC Pediglow Foot Kit is available across India at any of the 125 VLCC centers at a price of Rs. 295.

Posted On : 9/18/2008 6:20:03 PM

VLCC offers complete foot care range