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Seiko Watch launches Arctura collection in India
Seiko Watch launches Arctura collection in India
Seiko Watch India has launched its Arctura collection for the Indian market. Atsushi Kaneko, Managing Director, SEIKO Watch India Pvt. Ltd has launched the Arctura collection.

Addressing on the occasion Atsushi Kaneko said, "We are very excited to bring Seikos latest offering - the Arctura collection to India and are certain that the new Arctura, that has an aerodynamic profile whose strength bears witness to the power of the Kinetic movements, will be the "must-have" accessory among the style influentials and lovers of pure design."

The concept of Arctura is the arc, the most emotionally satisfying of the many shapes in our world. The arc might be found in nature, like a rainbow, or it might be in man-made creations like the dome of a Renaissance cathedral. Wherever it is to be found, it is a form that pleases the eye and speaks of continuity, eternity and purity. The new Arctura collection pays homage to the perfection and beauty of the arc with its sleek lines, accentuated curves and circular accents.

The Seiko Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph 9T82 combines the reliability and high accuracy of Kinetic technology with the traditional attributes of the mechanical chronograph. One essential characteristic of the best chronographs is the reset responsiveness of the hands.

The Seiko Arctura and other Seiko elite collections like Sportura, Premier and Velatura are available at leading watch boutiques in the country.

Posted On : 12/4/2008 12:22:41 PM

Seiko Watch launches Arctura collection in India