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Mitashi introduces Game-in Sportmax
Mitashi introduces Game-in Sportmax
Mitashi has introduced an exciting new product for your kids Game-In- Sportmax Wireless Entertainment for small kids.

The new and exciting range of products will help the puzzled parents to get their kids something fun and informative at the same time also letting them spend quality time with their children.

Mitashis Game-In Sportmax has 48 in-built games with the very latest 16 bit graphics. It includes 10 interactive sport games like golf, tennis, football, ping pong, billiards and many more interesting games, that the child will not only play, but will live them. The wireless console allows the child to enjoy the real sport under your watchful eyes and makes the child the perfect sport star.

Mr. Ketan Gada, Director, Mitashi Edutainment Pvt. Ltd, said, "Complete family entertainment was the motto behind developing "Game in Sportmax". Bond over a game of tennis, golf, ping pong, boxing, football and more, settle your battles indoors while laying a bet on who wins. Competitive spirit at its best now, in your living room! With Mitashi GAME-IN Sportmax, not only can you spend time and enjoy enthusiastically with your loved one, but also stay energetic as you can indeed play a game like tennis in your living room using the wireless remote as a Tennis racket, wacky but true."

The wireless console also includes 14 arcade games for the kids like commander, fish war etc, 4 hunter games, 3 racing games, 7 brain teasers for the brainy ones like Sudoku, boxes, square etc.

Theres something for the music lovers too. The game includes 2 music games like dancing and jazz drum. And lastly, 8 Olympic Games like disc putt, 100 meter, long jump, and javelin throw making the child ready to take part in the next Olympics.

The Game also includes a few sporting accessories to make the game more interesting and realistic. It includes two wireless joy sticks, two ping-pong detachable rackets, one tennis detachable racket, one baseball detachable bat and one golf detachable stick.

Posted On : 12/17/2008 12:24:34 PM

Mitashi introduces Game-in Sportmax